Can you come and share with my group?

I’m available to come and share with your club, church, school, etc. on my experiences in missions and service. My goal is to get everyone DOING SOMETHING for the kingdom of God. If you think hearing from someone on the ground in missions might help your group, drop me an e-mail and let’s see what we can do. I speak at churches, Christian colleges, Rotary clubs, etc.

Can you assist me with my orphanage?

If you have an orphanage or sit on an orphanage board, please feel free to reach out to me. I consult with new homes getting started or existing homes looking to improve the care they provide. We work mostly in Baja and parts of Africa but have worked with orphanage directors from many other countries. We can talk about any area you have a need. The issues we frequently address are funding, staffing, young adults transitioning out, and managing short-term mission teams.

Contact me at DJ’s e-mail

I don’t charge for working with you. For speaking engagements just cover my travel costs, any honorarium is appreciated. For orphanage training and consulting, please contact me for details. There is no charge for orphanage work, I depend on sponsors to cover any expenses for consulting and training.

You can help to fund consulting, training, and speaking here:  Donate