How To Respond to a Canceled Mission Trip

givingI’ve spent much of my adult life promoting short-term missions. Understandably, for the foreseeable future, short-term missions around the world are on hold. This does not mean the needs have ended, now more than ever, churches need to step up and serve.

One of the arguments people frequently use against short-term missions is that it’s not a wise use of funds. “Why spend the money on the travel? Why not just send all that money to the missions field and let them use it? I think there is a solid value in short-term missions; these trips are life-changing for all those involved. But now that groups aren’t traveling, they can still take part in the great work that is going on around the world. To all those who’ve said, “Why not just send the funds?”, now is your time.

Most ministries in Baja, and around the world, are getting pressed from every side. We know everyone is suffering in different ways, and people in the missions field are not alone. Orphanages, clinics, feeding programs, daycare centers, etc. are all being flooded with new requests for help, just as funding has stopped. In the US, there are some safety nets. In Mexico and much of the world, unemployment payments and government bailouts don’t exist. Tourism, manufacturing, and construction, the three main areas of employment, are all shut down.

Many international ministries depend on short-term teams for supplies, funding, and outreach projects to serve their communities. Just because the groups stop, it doesn’t mean ministry stops, the poorest of the poor still need our help.

The ministries you were planning on serving were counting on your visit. Please consider sending the funds you would have spent on the trip, or at least the funds you would have spent on your project. This support is needed now more than ever.

Here are just a few of the ministries where the work is continuing despite everything going on in the world:

Door of Faith Orphanage Housing and caring for almost one hundred children with limited supplies.

Strong Tower Ministries Providing supplies and support to solid ministries in Baja.

The Siloe Clinic Free local clinic in Baja dealing with the current pandemic as best as they can.

Life In The Canyon Serving the poorest of the poor in Tijuana.

Puerta Hermosa A special needs orphanage and community support center.

CORM Ministries Our “sister orphanage” in Ghana doing great work.

Rancho La Hermosa A newer orphanage in Baja doing great work.

Open Arms A free of charge daycare working to keep families together.

These are just a few ministries we network with and feel great about supporting. If you have a ministry destination for short term missions that your church was planning on visiting this year, we know the trip has been canceled. Please consider sending any support you can so they can continue the work until you can join them again in person.

We know everyone is hurting right now, and no one knows what will happen in the next few months. The parable of the widow’s mite has never applied more. Trust in God, give to others, rest in Him.

If you have questions about any of the ministries listed, please contact me or you can reach them through their websites.

Sharing this post on Facebook, or wherever you hang out online, helps more than you might know.  Please pass this along if you think it will encourage others.  Thanks


2 thoughts on “How To Respond to a Canceled Mission Trip

  1. Christy Harker March 23, 2020 / 7:50 am

    I LOVED this post! It has been on my heart all the last week thinking, “Okay Lord what is going to happen to all those deposits, all the money already turned in for the mission trips at our church that have been canceled?” I hope people see this and pass it on so instead of refunds, people will trust the Lord had a plan with that money and it wasn’t for a refund.

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  2. raymundo March 25, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    club dust is still going to build homes just taking all necessary precaution that apply come late June
    we seem to be risk adverse when it comes to service adventures even though we gladly take risky vacations and pleasure travels.
    we’ll have our usual fun building but will make some changes like no contAct w locals on worksites, personal protection kits etc

    come on people, try it you’ll
    like it !

    or yes at least send the money you already decided to spend if you do stay home
    we’ll send back lots of zippy pictures of the trip and the homes we built with your donation:).

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