Getting Started

OK, I’ll try to be different from 90% of the bloggers out there who commit to regular posting and are about as faithful as people who commit to diet or to work out. (I’ve not done well in those areas either.)

My hope is that someone, somewhere might learn from my abundant mistakes and avoid many of the pitfalls I fell/ran into over two decades in the missions field caring for orphans. I’ve seen tremendous blessings and experienced deep joy, I’ve also walked through storms and attacks that I would wish on no-one. Most of all, I’ve realized that God sees a bigger picture, He’s in control, and we’re just along for the ride.

Over the years I’ve been blessed to have great people to guide, coach, correct, and pray over me. No one works alone. I invite you to join me in my ramblings; please fight with me a little, let’s talk about issues that matter. Together, something might happen that will make us both a little better.

Along with blog posts, you might have noticed the Q & A link above. It’s just what it means. When people send me questions, I will do my best do answer them. If a question stands out as unusual or insightful, I’ll post the question and my response.

Thank you for making it this far. My prayer is that what I’m doing here might have some positive impact on your walk and ministry.

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